To Achieve A Boho Bathroom

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Boho bathroom – Furnishing the bathroom space will seem like a very boring? Would you like to give colorful shades and fascinating atmosphere but vital? Well, the bathroom boho style might be what you’ve been looking for. Boho is short for bohemian and draws a lifestyle from which they took inspiration stylists. Also designers to create an artistic mood able to mix wisely gipsy elements, ethnic. And also hippie, chic and industrial, for an emblem result of freedom expression in a pure state. Creativity, colors and mix of elements apparently in contrast are the cornerstones of this way of furnishing.
Oriental and ethnic atmospheres carefully matched to their elements of the Baroque style. Here are the essential aspects that characterize a boho bathroom. Bright colors; like purple, green, blue, orange, fuchsia, and turquoise. These are the color shades ideal for the walls of your bathroom. Combine two of these colors together. Different materials; wood for the elements of support and cabinets. Also wrought iron and metal for the mirror and lamps. And ceramic tiles and decorations. And infinesanitari color stone to keep warm, “lived an atmosphere”. Also glass decorative items. Such as vases and candle holders.

Mix of accessories; towels more colors, rugs, scented candles, burning incense, frames, flowers, dressers, stools, and lantern. Various fabrics; leather, but also raw cotton rope, cotton, tartan. Remember to include some element with fringes, flowers and geometric patterns. The final effect of a boho bathroom style is to be that of a patchwork in which nothing is left to chance and every decision is made with care. Following the flow of imagination and freedom. Do not be afraid to mix colors or different textures: dare but do so keeping in mind the advice outlined above. In addition, variations of the bohemian style may tend to chic, to natural or minimal. Good choice!

Recreating the boho bathroom style is not difficult. In fact, you can do it even from a simple bath, seemingly anonymous. Will the accessories to be crucial to ensure that the bathroom has its own personality. Also unique and strong. Items that cannot be missed are: Colored fabrics (towels, carpets, curtains); the color comes primarily from them. Study the color mix well (must be warm and light). And mixed with fabrics with fringes; Raw wood. A top-holder sink, a small chest of drawers or a stool, shelves. Everything can go well. A dressing table with frame particular: do not forget this important accessory. Able to strongly characterize the look of the bathroom.