Tips To Treat Gray Wicker Patio Furniture

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Gray wicker patio furniture is often made of durable teak, cedar or redwood. Despite their durability, the outdoor furniture forest does not require treatment before use. Left untreated, garden furniture subject to natural decay and pest infestation. Some high-end garden furniture contains chemical preservatives that make the wood less attractive to pests and tolerated on the outside elements. If the manufacturer’s label does not state that garden furniture is factory-treated, you must use a protector yourself. Teak oil in combination with cleaning and a light grinding will bring out the brilliance of your wooden garden furniture and extend its life.


Apply teak oil to the surface of the wood before use. Follow the instructions on the label for the application. Most manufacturers suggest using teak oil with a lint-free cloth or brush. Gray wicker patio furniture with soap and water at the end of the season. Fill a bucket of warm water and a splash of detergent.

Apply the lather with a sponge, scrub gently to remove dirt. Spray furniture with a garden hose. Allow air to dry overnight, then sand with fine sandpaper to remove oxidation stains. Wipe furniture with a dry, lint-free cloth. Apply teak oil as directed. Large wooden furniture in an area safe from the weather – especially if you live somewhere that has harsh winters. Take it back out in the spring, wash and apply for new oil after the season is over.


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