Steps To Lubricate Garage Door Rollers

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Garage Door Rollers – Garage doors can stop moving properly, and even stick and squeak terribly if the rollers are full of corrosion and rust. Control of such devices every six months or a year can be a key to stopping a potential problem before it happens. If the door is hard to lift or lower, it may already be a little retired time, but with a little work and lubricant, you can solve the query on your own.

Clean dirt or grease from the rollers and the torsion spring before starting to lubricate, to avoid creating a muddy substance from the sand and sand that can destroy the metal. You can clean dust and dirt with a clean cotton cloth. drip in another two drops to the seam of the mounting bracket of each roller, located on the tracks on the side of the garage door.

Apply drops of oil roller track of six more, approximately one foot above the curve of the track. Go to the points where the cables are connected to the roller of the mounting brackets on the bottom of the door, and squeeze in another drop of oil where the two parts meet. Stand on the ladder and extract a drop of oil along the length of the top of the torsion spring, which is connected to the top of the garage door. Open and close the door three or four times to make sure the oil is completely distributed on the track.