Plan Your Pleasant Patio Sunroom

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Patio sunroom – Treat the sunroom as a real room, not a porch, for pleasant year-round use. A sun room can look like a closed porch or a solarium for your cake plants. Or it may look like a functional part of the living space, a normal room that just happens to have huge extensions of glass and fantastic light. Plan your conversions from the beginning to integrate the sunroom with the rest of the house.

Or customize a sun room without adequate weather protection or gravity to become a seamless extension of your living room. You have the big sunny windows, the curved glass ceiling or the skylights, the whole fish bowl. It is a solar magnet, but you need more than that for the sun room to become a useful all season living space.

Examine the possibility of installing radiant floor heating to keep your toes dirty when the light in the sunroom is a reflection from the snow benches outside. When that is not possible, a stove or fireplace is the room for heating the room and they provide a bonus point on gloomy days. If the room is exposed to neighbors and passers-by as well as sun, build some privacy.

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