Patio Retaining Wall Surrounding The Paved Garden Path

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The patio retaining wall or retaining wall in the garden has some functions of great importance. It plays the role of a support for sloping gardens but also, it will help you to outline the space in the garden. Thanks to a small retaining wall, you will separate the different areas so that you are the proud owner of a flower garden, a patio and a garden at a time, and all this in a space reduced.

You can build a retaining wall made of concrete, natural stone or granite. To give a more natural look, you can mix the concrete and after, stick natural stone slabs. The perfect option is to build a dry stone wall, which is the most expensive variant. Granite walls are less expensive and they are easier to build. Limestone is also a good option – you can make a staircase and it will be perfect for sloping houses.

Built-in lighting can turn the simple wall into a real eye-catcher. Lighting is recommended for low walls for safety reasons, because in the dark you can trip and risk injury. Planters and flower boxes are the perfect combination for the retaining wall. Such a wall can be accent on the terrace and it will separate the space from the relaxation corner by planting your favorite flowers.