Patio Deck Designs To Enjoy The Sun

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Plant lovers can take an idea for a single tire and turn it into a patio deck designs. Even a simple square design can lend the gardener a sense of style and function. Benches covered by the bottom of the grilling guests can be open to being stocked by your gardening equipment. Add some pizzazz by turning your corners into planters who reveal your talent for growing flowers, ferns, conifers or whatever you want to show. Add even more style to the deck’s actual design by making smaller benches and placing half a barrel of planters between the benches.

Impress guests the first time they visit your house when you get down to grasping what seems like just a simple folding door, but are actually a curved folding door that opens onto your deck. Interior living space spill-over effect on outdoor living space when you knock down a wall and insert a folding wall that can be made of aluminum, wood or wood equipped with aluminum cladding.

Integrates your patio with your pool by building steps that lead directly from your back door into an in-ground pool. You can even try this with an overground pool if you wish. At the poolside in steps, crafts use a mini-deck for grilling and on the other side of the pool build a mini-deck to be used for eating.