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In modern house photos, interior decoration is important to make one’s home original and unique. An adhoc decoration is essential for the comfort of its inhabitants, for visual comfort but also physical with a choice of appropriate furniture. It is essential to think of embellishing all the rooms of the house by giving them a unique personality and making them “coexist” in an aesthetic homogeneity that will make the habitat more pleasant to live as a whole.

In a modern type of decoration, it is most often used furniture and trendy accessories, which are a function of the atmosphere of the room, starting with the volume of the room and the height of the ceilings. In a building “Hausmannien” type we will be tempted to stick as close to trends with a blond floor for example and moldings at the corners of the ceilings.

For example, the brown corner sofa fits perfectly into this design living room created by a Parisian interior designer and is part of a set of authentic vintage furniture recreated solely for the occasion. These types of furniture can perfectly fit the living room decor of a modern style home as well. Be careful not to commit odd!

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