More Attractive Patio Door Glass Replacement

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Patio door glass replacement – If a house is of a certain age, chances are good that the door to the patio is an aluminum glass slide that does not work properly and leaks air in different places. With energy costs on the rise and tax credits, many homeowners are deciding to replace their old patio doors with more attractive, energy-efficient models. The replacement does not have to be a copy of the old door, only new ones. Other options are available.

In the space occupied by an aluminum sliding door made of glass, a regular swing door with fixed sidelights can be installed. The hinged door is in the middle of the room and the whole unit is not unlike those seen at the front door of a house. A keyed-in locking mechanism secures the door and is much better than the thumb handle usually seen on older patio doors.

The entire framework program can be made of wood and painted or stained to match the existing woodwork in the room and outside. Doors and stationary panels are equipped with many options such as decorative grilles, special energy functions and art glass for a customized look. The glass is energy efficient and optional between-the-glass treatments such as blinds, fabric shades or decorative grids are available.