Mesa Garage Doors In The Ideal Size

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What are the dimensions of a standard mesa garage doors? What are the standard sizes of a garage door: sectional, swing, folding or tilting? What is the standard width and height of a single garage door and custom garage door? How to measure the size of a garage door? You want to take the measurements of your garage door to build your garage or replace an old door.

As part of a garage construction, it is strongly recommended to choose a “standard” garage door for purely economic reasons. If you need to replace an old garage door, you will be forced to take a door to existing measures. If the dimensions are not standard, it will be necessary to opt for a custom garage door and therefore more expensive to purchase.

In order to determine the size of your garage door , two pieces of information are essential: the height and width of the opening. Garage door builders give the door dimensions starting with the height and then the width. But what about the free space in a garage? As a general rule, the standard size of a garage is 2.5 m by 5 m on the ground and a height of 2 m .