Majestic Modern South African House Plans

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Modern south african house plans – You thought you were impressed? You had not seen anything yet! What first jumps in the eye is of course the beautiful indoor pool, a major element of this gigantic living space. Here, everything is open. The dining room, kitchen, living room and pool are part of the same room. You can, however, close the pool with glass panels. The materials used here are simple but noble, the decor is not too heavy, but has everything you need to be impressive.

We can, at a pinch, compare the effect produced by this room to the desired effect in the Italian Baroque palaces. Everything is about literally majestic space.  The elegant furniture meets the architecture of the place both by its design and its colors. The shiny surfaces reflect the natural light that rushes through the large windows. Works of art and sculptures adorn with delights this interior which decidedly does not stop making us dream.

As mentioned above, all the living areas are in together on the ground floor, without partitions. However here we have a view of the kitchen that could almost make us think that we are in a smaller room. Of course everything is a question of point of view. In any case, the kitchen is the height of the rest of the house. Practical, simple but also totally fabulous.