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House designs pictures – This site takes advantage of light by reducing the cost of electricity, since it allows the passage of natural light to the busiest area. It has numerous skylights, lattices and stained glass, transforming the daylight into a great variety of tones. The project was in charge of the firm Look Architects.  These houses are considered as a friendly option with the planet by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the federal government.

Here, architects and masons use construction materials such as straw, adobe, cattle feces, wood and mud. They also have a rainwater collection and drainage system. It is one of the first bioclimatic hospitals in South America, which was built with materials from the region to create innovations of modern technology -such as heating and solar panels-.

The “green buildings” are not a fad or a whim: they are the future of cities, but they also keep the secret of labor productivity. It is considered that a building is sustainable or “green” when it complies with a series of design standards that make it more effective in terms of the use of natural resources , especially in terms of the use of water, electricity and air conditioning.