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Resort design architects – The Eco sustainable architecture is a wave of environmentally conscious urban designs that seek to optimize natural resources and building systems that minimize environmental impact. To fulfill this purpose, it is important to take into consideration the following notions. Climatic conditions, hydrography and ecosystems of the environment to obtain the maximum performance with the least impact.

Efficiency and moderation in the use of construction materials, prioritizing those with low energy content. The reduction of energy consumption for heating, cooling, lighting and other equipment, covering the rest of the demand with renewable energy sources. The minimization of the overall energy balance of the building during the phases of design, construction and use and end of life.

The reality is that the mix between ecological functionality and modern design has not been easy to do , mainly when assessing the needs of the region -according to the climate and the ecosystem-, consider renewable energy sources and water, avoiding health risks, using materials obtained from locally generated raw materials and recyclable materials, and managing waste ecologically. However, since ancient times, there are places that have been dedicated to eco-sustainable architecture. Built with straw bales and sustainable gardens, this site is one of the most representative eco-sustainable buildings in the state.