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Glass patio doors – The choice of a patio door is more difficult than it seems. There are several criteria to consider to ensure optimal comfort. The choice of a patio door is essentially the same as for a window. You will need to choose the material that suits you best and a robust and durable mechanism. Insulation must be maximum to avoid heat loss. It is best to opt for a triple glazed patio door for better performance.

Entrust the installation of your patio door to professionals of doors and windows. You will have personalized service and better insulation. For maximum energy efficiency, choose a patio door with four panels and not two panels. During very cold and very hot periods, you will feel the benefits. You have the choice between double and triple glazing.

The triple glazing is heavier, but you will enjoy a better comfort. The double glazing is, meanwhile, cheaper to buy. If your budget allows you, treat yourself to a triple glazed patio door. Glazing filled with inert gas such as argon or krypton greatly reduces the risk of condensation and also offers excellent insulation. The glass can be tinted or frosted and blinds can even be integrated into the glazing.