Lightness And Comfort Small Modern House Plans

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Small modern house plans design have broken with the dark traditional interiors with closed rooms and small windows. The contemporary home decor is characterized by its spacious and airy spaces. Opt for an open floor plan and let natural light enter through large windows, modern roof windows and glass walls. As for private spaces, opt for translucent glass. Furniture designers have begun to create sofas, tables and other furniture that provide a lifestyle of a more relaxed approach.

Heavy ornaments loaded with antique furniture are replaced by clean lines to create a feeling of lightness and comfort. The furniture now stands tall and often has a suspended design to create a soothing and modern atmosphere. The contemporary era has given way to new materials, but also to minimalist and sleek interiors. Floors are often “empty” in wood, tile or stone and marble. Natural materials are a must in the contemporary lifestyle.

Design floor mats are also a great way to create even more comfort and warmth especially in living rooms and dining rooms. The contemporary interior has a fluid appearance that unites all spaces into a harmonious whole. The open plan is the perfect solution if you want to create a modern and comfortable interior decor throughout your home. Do not forget the accessories that are essential for interior design.