Interesting Ideas For Own Modern House Floor Plans

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Own modern house floor plans – Nowadays, the contemporary movement deals, without question, with all aspects of our daily life – cars, fashion, technologies, as well as the world of architecture and design. Many of us use contemporary and modern terms to describe a break from traditional norms and new ways of thinking. In this article you will find many interesting ideas for the contemporary home decor with among others the introduction of open space and minimalist design furniture.

The colors of the contemporary decor are the neutral colors – such as gray, brown, black and white – used for the floor, walls and textiles. These shades will accentuate the metallic details in your decor and let you play with the various textures and patterns. But it’s not because you’re going to use neutral colors that your interior will become boring! Design furniture in bright colors, for example, is a great way to create a truly original decor.

Instead of reserving the use of natural materials just for the furniture, the contemporary house has a wooden porch on the outside, leather furniture on the inside and use simple decorative elements. The contemporary era teaches us new ways to take advantage of organic materials such as wood, stone, slate, teak, cotton, wool, turning them into an indispensable part of our decor.