Installing Concrete Patio Pavers

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Concrete patio pavers are a strong and versatile coating material. Whether you choose to install a walkway, patio or driveway, concrete pavers add a contrast color and texture to a landscape. Installing paving stones is a labor-intensive do-it-yourself project that requires special attention to detail to ensure the integrity of the surface and foundation. Dry installation – the setting of pebbles in sand instead of mortar – is cleaner and within the ability of beginner landscapers.


Measure place for walkway or patio with a tape measure and use ropes to describe the shape. Dig 8 inches of dirt from the area with a shovel. Rake the bottom evenly and pack the loose soil with a manual sabotage. Fill 5 inches of area with 3/4 inch crushed rock. Spread it with the crate and pack the filling until it feels under the feet. The packed concrete pavers allow earthy moisture to drain while preventing surface pebbles from sinking. Place boundaries edge to the inner edges of the site and secure them with lawn nails. Restrictions keep paving stones from sliding into place.

Rake 1-inch layer of gravel sand over gravel. The bed of sand smooth’s out the base and creates traction against the bottom of paving stones. Place concrete pavers on the sand sprinkle tightly against each other, starting at the center of one side and working out to the edges. Use a traditional fish leg, basket weave or other pattern for a classic look, or create your own design. Use a level under each section and adjust the adjacent pebbles in the sand so that they are still.