Ideas Of Texas Pools And Patios

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Give your patio a more natural look by choosing simple yet elegant materials. Create a Texas pools and patios around the grill covered with stone and present stainless steel countertops and hardware. Use a stainless steel grill and other stainless steel appliances. Use the same stone in the pool area, and buy outdoor furniture in stainless steel as well.

Covered Area

Give yourself the opportunity to grill even in unpredictable weather by setting up your pools and patios in a covered area. Covered areas can still be very open, so the chef can still enjoy a nice breeze, but will protect you and your dinner guests during an unexpected litter, or when the sun is a little too hot. Place some tables under the lid and some outside the cover so that the space should be versatile.

Bar and Grill

Set up your patios so that it can serve as a bar and a patio. Build a long bar on the other side of cooking with bar stools along the edge. This allows guests to lounge and talk to you when cooking or while taking a break from swimming. This will also make a great gathering area when dinner is over and your guests enjoy after-dinner drinks. If your budget allows, a pool bar will add a resort-like feel and a very modern look to your patio. A pool bar can be created between your grilling area and the pool so that swimmers can swim up, sit at the underwater stool and sip drinks.