Ideas And Options For Garage Shelves

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Garage Shelves – Your garage offers excellent storage space for infrequently used items or items used on the outside that come too muddy or dirty for storage at home. Garage shelving helps maintain your tools, toys and other objects arranged for easy access and minimal disorder. Make full use of the available space by building shelves that reach the height of your garage, and then maintain a ladder by hand to reach the main points.

Low cost and garage shelves that are effective but not quite, concrete blocks are a classic. Place one or two cement blocks stacked at each end to which you want the shelves to be valid, and then add another pair of concrete blocks or as a support for every 4 feet of shelving. Top the concrete blocks with 1-inch-thick plywood, then create another layer of cement and wood blocks, making sure to place the cement blocks directly on the other, rather than on the wood without support. These shelves are cheap and easy to build or reconfigure.

Include your important items in high, cupboard-style cabinets designed for garage use or laundry. Available in most home improvement stores, these cabinets are designed to be more than attractive resilient, although some models have optional door trim or diamond plate to improve appearance. To create a versatile garage shelving space, place two of these cabinets approximately four feet apart. Create a 2 by 4 wooden frame that is 4 feet long and the same depth as the cabinets, and then top it off with 3/4 inch plywood sheets.