Hottest House Designs Ideas In 2020

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House designs – A house that you do not even realize is prefabricated, with its gable roof and the structural system in sight. The upper terrace uncovered, roofs the lower terrace, which opens the social area of ​​the house and serves as a connection to the pool in the courtyard, surrounded by spacious floors with their loungers.

The other factors, apart from the execution time, is that having parts made in the workshop are modular and with them the homes are assembled in different ways, which allows them to have variety in the projects and final finishes. The modules of the houses can be structural, exterior walls and internal divisions, which are assembled to achieve interesting projects, to see the finished house or you realize that it was a construction by this method of prefabrication.

The use of tiles in the roof covering and the different slopes of the same, is the note that tells you that the colonial style is present in this house. The wood serves as a structural element in columns and exposed beams. A two-story house with a covered terrace adjoining the garden, the flange of the roof plate, reinforces the horizontality of the project. Check our gallery to inspire you!