Get Your Own Patio Restaurant In Your Home

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A patio restaurant for a house, patio condo or balcony apartment means sun, moon, fresh air, rain, heat, some cold and plenty of insects. But neither plagues nor rain nor heat nor cold must wet their spirits. Your restaurant is to enjoy the outdoors, expanding your living space, creating your own oasis, hanging out with friends and creating more storage space. Source to flea markets, garage sales and your own basement, attic or garage and reuse of items. In a weekend or two, you can have your own outdoor restaurant.

Decide how you want to use your space. To host a small condo patio rest with a book, have a drink with someone and storage. Define the space. Determine how your planned activity could disturb neighbors. Consider the sights you enjoy and those you would not see: the night sky can be fabulous, but the trash can also be in view. Be vigilant about your privacy. Strategically plant, pure fiber and natural curtains, room dividers, plant pergolas or a chimney for privacy and environment.

For the first build step, cover the “ugly”. Paint the ceiling a cheerful color; the floor with an imitation stone finish or wooden deck tiles; camouflage with a room divider or lattice of the plant. Enhance the positive by accessories. Sequence lights on your natural tree canopy swing or porch. Choose weather-resistant materials. Chiffon curtains and a wrought iron sofa with waterproof cushions easily dry in the rain. Avoid plastic for a luxurious feeling to your restaurant. Opt for natural fibers in different textures. Use of stoneware.