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Bathroom Pinterest – Decorating a small bathroom in the best way is not easy. But there are actually a lot of smart solutions to get to. Here are inspiring tips! It is known that in small bathrooms did not please the owners of scope and scale. On the other hand, the need to save space poses an interesting challenge for interior designers. How to accommodate everything you need in a small bathroom, and also make it aesthetically pleasing.

Ideas the above toilet to decorating small bathroom pinterest, the space above the toilet is easy to forget. But do not do it, because here you can usefully put up wall shelves. Or sit an old ladder to hang towels on, for example. For around the tub you can make over, if you have a small bathroom with refusing to compromise on the bathtub? I understand you. But make sure to use this bulky furniture to max. Shampoo and soap can have a bath tray, and at one end of the tub, you can put up a shelf or a towel rack. Be not afraid to put the tub in the middle of an oblong room – bath are fancy and it does nothing to the show.

Best ideas for decorating small bathroom pinterest change your perception of a bathtub. A bath does not need to take place in order to fulfill its function – and you must not lie down in it. A delightfully hip bath can even be both attractive and more practical than the classic tank.

Do not forget to use the corners when decorating confined spaces at small bathroom pinterest. Maybe you save more inches of the wall if you choose a corner sink? If not, it is light, elegant and easy to put up a pair of corner shelves storage surface. Use innovation to decorating small bathroom pinterest. A single piece of furniture wills of course not as much space as two therefore the combined toilet furniture an excellent way for you to save space. Above are two variants of the sink and toilet in one. Perfect for extremely small surfaces or guest toilets.
A sink need not be round, deep and wide. With a slim and square clever variant will instead get space for other things. But beware, if you want to wash your face in a mini sink, it can be pretty wet on the floor.