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Are you able to design your own house designs pictures modern home completely? You have sufficient creative and technical skills, but perhaps it is difficult to make a translation of your wishes into a sketch design and the final design on your own and you need help with this.  Modern, minimalist decoration ideas: An elegant apartment with a cozy house design is presented here thanks to Taiwan. The interior design gives us ideas for stylishly designing a modestly large room.

Take a tour through the bedroom and the living room and the dining rooms, which have a connected, inseparable and interconnected atmosphere. Each room is decorated in a neutral palette of wood tones. Many parts of the wooden paneling connect the hidden storage spaces, which give the entire apartment an orderly and comfortable appearance. Although the veneer is purely cosmetic, it gives a lot of warmth to the entire design.

The living rooms have an open layout in this unpretentious apartment, but thanks to the uncomplicated color combination, each independent area is fully recognized by the other without creating a blinding edge. These designs can serve as inspiration, but they can also be built exactly as in the design. Slightly smaller or slightly larger. For example, you can also combine elements from various designs in the final design of your dream house.

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