Choices For The Garage Floor Mats

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Although garage floor mats, also known as garage flooring, have been popular with car enthusiasts and collectors for years, Galt Technologies indicates that they are currently becoming popular with high-end homeowners. Garage discs can provide more than just a decorative option. Some materials are non-porous and can help minimize cleaning, repel grease stains and provide an additional layer of soft, cushioned, low-profile car tires.

The Summerwood experts’ products indicate that cement garage pads are typically chosen when the garage is storing very heavy vehicles or equipment, or simply as the base for a garage structure. Cement can be an expensive choice of flooring as a replacement, but it is necessary to use it as a base product before adding decorative flooring options such as high-impact polymer pads. The cement can be customized with details of stamping, painting, texturing or even staining for a visually more decorative result.

Today’s garage discs are made in a variety of models and colors, from a high impact polymer material, designed to resist stains and provide easy cleaning. The large companies in the markets such as GarageTrak, Tuffshield, GarageDeck, MotoFloor and RaceDeck that all offer a variety of products that are marketed as do-it-yourself, interlocking models that do not require tools, fasteners or glue for the mounting. An alternative to the wall-to-wall version of the interconnect modules is the free-flow parking platform, composed of the same material but which rolls in one piece and acts as a carpet, covering only the parking area below the vehicle.