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Modern home design – Some people prefer to design their homes to reflect a historical style. People who are interested in building a house that reflects the modern architectural style should consider an exterior finish of stucco and timber formwork, installing large stone or brick fireplaces, exposing the beams Interior stained dark, and stained glass windows.

Stone and stucco are great exteriors of homes. They are strong and low maintenance. Stucco, which has been used in homes in much of human history, is a mixture of sand and water. It is difficult, resistant to water, resistant to fire, resistant to mold, and thus maintains color. Stone is a beautiful and strong natural material that can be used as accents for the exterior and interior of a house. A popular choice for working fireplace, roads, patios and driveways, stone, like stucco, can help create a decorative style that is reminiscent of medieval times.

Stained glass is used in medieval churches and was not typical in most stately homes of the time. However, a touch of stained glass in a modern home offers both a beautiful, artistic focal point and reflects the character and style of the middle Ages. In the modern home, colored glass can be used in Windows or as hanging works of art. Custom stained glass is available in most areas, but can be quite expensive.