Beautiful Natural Stone Patio

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From natural stone patio to limestone to sandstone, stones bring natural and mineral touches to your terrace. Because of their varieties, they marry without difficulty with all the types of external space and bring a real more deco. If nature, woods and green plants are popular to decorate outdoor spaces too. Granite, sandstone, limestone … pavers, slabs … These, whatever they are, find their place easily in a contemporary, ancient, rustic, bucolic etc.

And this, thanks to the large number of types of stones available on the market. But also nuances and shapes. Of course, some stones will respond better to a contemporary atmosphere, others to a more rural trend. Classic par excellence, irregular natural stone, left in the throes of time patina, digs and brings an undeniable charm to your outdoor space.

A style that will be the best effect to decorate the terrace of a country house, where old carpentry and wild garden complete this rustic set. With its ocher color and imperfect but almost hexagonal shapes, these sandstone stones evoke terra cotta terracotta tiles. They bring an old appearance, which, combined with their orange color, disseminate a small Provencal touch. To guarantee the continuity between the stones, prefer rather thin joints.