2 Car Garage Dimensions For Double Carports

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2 Car Garage Dimensions –  If you plan to build a double carport, you must know how much space you need to build your structure. I have researched the usual size for several carports for those of you who need to store more than one vehicle. To put two vehicles comfortably, you have to decide whether you need a bigger building, so you can accommodate larger vehicles such as pickups, vans or motor homes, or do you need smaller, late-scale buildings to accommodate small economic trains or ATV and motorcycle.

Let’s start with standard sizes for one carport – 10×20 or 12×24 feet are the two most common sizes for single carport. Larger sizes are easy if you have wide swing doors, or tend to drive larger vehicles such as vans or pickup trucks. Some people say that the smaller size is really too small – there’s a little extra space in the back, and it’s too tight for a car with a long door. Therefore, the double size of a standard carport is about double the width of a carport.

24×24 ‘makes a good size of carport, although you can be a little narrower, because you might not open the doors of the vehicle simultaneously.If you drive a larger vehicle, or plan to store larger equipment, such as ships and RVs, two broad carport will suit your needs, but you need to increase the size of your carport so that larger vehicles can be positioned well with space enough area around each vehicle to enter and exit easily.